Emotional Intelligence

Observant uses machine learning + the iPhone X infrared dot projector to understand when users are excited, frustrated, confused, and much more. Now also on the new iPhone XS and XR.
Depth sensors perform high-granularity facial mapping in nearly any lighting condition.
Observant uses deep learning to provide realtime emotional response data.
Respond to users' moods in realtime. Leverage user happiness to drive growth & revenue.

Realtime microexpressions

Using high-resolution 3D depth sensors in iPhone X, Observant captures microexpressions in realtime and in nearly any lighting condition.

Beyond the screen

Observant combines emotion recognition with eye tracking to tell you exactly how people respond to their environment.

Privacy Obsessive

Observant classifies emotions in realtime on-device.
Minimal data
Because Observant always performs classification on-device, we never upload camera images, depth information, or any other biometric data.
We take a hard stance on ensuring that Observant exists as an opt-in experience for all users in our customers' apps.